Merge the Village of Richland and Richland reduce expensive/redundant layers of government, "double" taxation, and give Village residents the freedom of choice - to reduce costs for desired services.

Your Comments

To submit a comment, please go to the Contact page.  In order for your comment to be published on this page, we need your full name and if you are a village resident or township resident or citizen who passes through Richland (your county of residence), along your valid email address for internal confirmation purposes. The full name and email of those submitting comments will be protected to help protect those exercising their 1st Amendment rights by submitting comments. 


Post Election Comments:

Received via email 5-4-16

I want you to know why I voted no yesterday.  I agree and support your position, but I fear the “cancer” of the village will spread if not contained in their little square mile.  The violations, the settlements, we know about those and I feel sorry for some of the people who live there, but we don’t want their mess or their invasion into our lives. ~ Sarah, Richland Township Resident

Received via Facebook message 5-4-16

Even though the vote went to keep Richland as a village, my hope is that this group brought to light some issues that the village needs to deal with asap.  My hope is also that this group of people will still keep moving forward and keep diligence over the village council and police department.  They can't get away with being dishonest and power hungry if they are constantly kept accountable. ~ Melody, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 5-4-16
The Viillage is brainwashed beatendown SUBJECTS, it has always been that way and will always be that way.  Unfortunate for anyone who lives or drives through there, but I don’t want to deal with it. ~ Rocky, Richland Township Resident

Received via Facebook message 5-4-16
They are completely dysfunctional and let them drown in their own crap.  For 9 mills, at least they’ll have leaf pick-up, lol. ~ Jes, Richland Township Resident

Received via web submission form 5-4-16

The police state transition that is happening in this country is frightening.  I really worry someone will be killed someday four minutes into a traffic stop by one of the Barneys there.  It happened here last year to a good kid coming home from church.  I'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better. ~ Danielle, Eaton County Resident

Received via email 5-4-16
There is no lifeline in the township.  They need to fix their own damned problems.  I don’t need their drama or schoolgirl grief. ~ Mark, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 5-4-16
You need to find another way.  Right now I can avoid them, drive around them, shop elsewhere.  Their isolation is good.  They are the outsiders and keep them over there. ~ Robert, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 5-4-16
I so wanted to vote yes yesterday just on principle. But it wouldn’t have solved the problem because they are the problem.  If they worm their way into the township they will raise our taxes and start giving us services we don’t need or want.  No way.  I can't afford that! ~ Amanda, Richland Township Resident

Pre-election Comments:

Received via facebook message 5-3-16

Good Luck today!  We're rooting for you! ~ Rob, Branch County Resident 

Received via facebook comment 5-2-16

The village of Richland is so cult like!  Like "The others" just now realized this. ~ Jamie, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 5-1-16

Amazing to see the viciousness of so called "civil" people towards each other about Americans have a vote on something.  What the Hell is wrong with them, American blood is spilled on foreign soils to allow people to vote there.  It is un-American to taunt your friends and neighbors for wanting to vote on any issue.  So disappointed in this community.  Their actions have really shown their true colors. ~ Aldo, Richland Township Resident and Vietnam Veteran

Received via email 5-1-16

Someone stole my YES sign last night.  They also hit my dog with something when he barked at them, he did a YIKE YIKE.  I ran out of the house in my pajamas, but it was too dark to see anything.  Why would someone hurt a dog over this?  I would have called the police, but you know.  I'm so disgusted at the whole mess. ~ Mar, Richland Village Resident

Received via web submission form 4-29-16

Incredibly sad about what my neighbor said to me about my opinion.  I was accused of being a communist because I shared I would be voting yes.  I never knew until now just how small some minds are.  People I liked before, I will never like again.  Ugliness and meanness.  ~ Sarah, Richland Township Resident  

Received via web submission form 4-28-16

We aren't entertaining Mayberry, no more the one bullet Barnies bumping into each other with nothing to do.  ~  Cheryl, Richland Township Resident

Received via facebook message 4-28-16

Po po need to go. ~ Tyler, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-28-16

Time to do away with the gestapo police department.  They have become worse.  Unbearable. ~ Nancy, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-28-16

Those against this say its the end of the world.  That village is mostly older adults on a fixed income.  It's a money pit and costing too much.  I think change is a good thing.  There just is too much bad blood generated to recover from too many years of abuse. ~ Jodi, Richland Township Resident

Received via facebook message 4-27-16

So let me get this straight.  I'm tailgated and get a ticket and villagers get a McDonalds sandwich.  We're getting "rear-ended" alright! ~ Anothony, Richland Township Resident

Received via facebook comment 4-27-16

I have lived in Richland for 40 years.  The Richland police have learned to leave me alone due to the complaints I have made to the Sheriffs Department.  I do not break the law but will not be harassed either! ~ Tom, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-27-16

Seeing the police try to hide their evils behind 'little helpless children' is sickening.  I think voters are smarter than that.  That town is dirty! ~ Michelle, Richland Township Resident 

Received via web submission form 4-27-16

I'm completely disgusted with the unfairness I see in your village.  I'm also worried someone will be pulled over and killed four minutes later, like what has happened here in Eaton County recently.  The police have been shooting people here for minor traffice stops.  Something is really wrong, police should be peace keepers but instead look at themselves as law enforcement for the revenue.  They are so out of control, you only have to watch the news to see people dying because of it. ~ Debra, Eaton County Resident

Received via facebook message 4-27-16

Saw this comment on the no site and thought it was funny and it really summed up the attitude some villigers have towards us.  A guy named Ron posted: "Oh the horror!!  The snobs might have to live like the rest of us common folk.  My heart is broken." ~ Jeanette, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-27-16

I saw a Richland officer lie about something I was witness to.  They'd better hope I'm never on a jury, I nail them! ~ Sharon, Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via web submission form 4-26-16

The chief of police's wife has been threatening local Village businesses that have a Vote Yes sign outside of their business. "If you keep that sign outside of your business, you will have big trouble coming your way". Is this police protection? or something else? ~ Lily, Richland Village Resident

Received via web submission form 4-26-16

Just read the Channel 3 News story.  Richland Police must not have many friends, 1700 tickets a year adds up to be a lot of voters.  I'm a RN and was coming home from a long shift, I had not been drinking and was put through a 45 minute sobriety test.  Their idle minds have too much time on their hands. ~  Jan, Richland Township Resident

Received via web submission form 4-26-16

It is unfortunate the Village of Richland's Council didn't listen to their own people.  They could have avoided all this drama if they would have just listened and helped people. ~ Gloria, Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via email 4-24-16

The police are the criminals there.  They make up reasons to try to pull everyone over.  I'm a victim too.  NOT OK to violate everyone to try to justify your existence. ~ Christy, Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via web submission form 4-23-16

If it’s just services the Village is willing to pay an extra 9 mills a year for ($1000 for a $200,000 home), then enjoy your shoveled walks - despite mild and mostly clear winters and perceived additional safety, even when it’s outside the Village limit and its jurisdiction (e.g. Richland schools),  But the problem for the rest of us is a police force that sometimes pulls you over for touching the yellow line, sometimes not, sometimes for doing 2 miles over the speed limit, sometimes not.  And when enforcement is arbitrary and based on the whimsy of some officer, it isn’t the law at all.  It means it comes down to whether or not you’re a friend of the force.  And that is no more than a police state.  And if you think that’s an overstatement, witness the near complete absence of support for a YES vote on social media.  It’s very easy to profess your support of a NO vote.  There is no downside.  No retribution possible.  In fact, the Village police will see you as a bit of a hero, maybe even give you a pass on the next pull over.  Support a NO vote and fear a targeted pull over or worse.  It’s come down to that.  Sad, very sad.  Even scary. ~ PJ, Richland Tonwship Resident

Received via email 4-23-16
My dad lives in the village and democracy there is a ruse.  You can't go to the Village Hall about a concern or you will be crushed.  He feels like what Nazi Germany must have felt like.  The Village Council won't hesitate to use its "police force" as an extended arm of the Council to "tattoo you" and "drag you away" though their threats and intimidation tactics.  I'm glad I don't live there anymore.  It is definitely not the quite small village you think it is. ~ Adrianna, Washtenaw County Resident

Received via web submission form 4-22-16

They didn't heed the warnings to end corruption, its come to fruition, they need to go! ~ Stephanie, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-22-16

The village has created an economy based on a police state, a southern-style good ol' boys trap from the 1950s.  I'm sick of it.  They ruined my perfect record for "speeding" 30 in a 25.  This vote has been long over due!  ~ Cal, Richland Township Resident 

Received via facebook message 4-21-16

I think we will be just fine and I'm all in for going down to a single tax base.  My neighbor just wigged out over leaves, she went on and on how we in the village will be buried under leaves if we merge into the township.  Hello, we live in the township already.  We're Americans.  Make a phone call or add to your compost pile. ~ Pat, Richland Village Resident

Received via email 4-20-16

I got postcard in the mail today from the no side.  I found it insulting to read that property values would go down or suggest the village core would deteriorate.  I live in the township and this is a great place to live with good people.  The township isn't un-regulated or un-patrolled.  The village also has more assets than liabilities, so for someone to suggest taxes will go up is also inaccurate.  Plus, this postcard doesn't have the proper notification on who sent it.  You need to file a complaint on that. ~ Dave, Richland Township Resident 

Received via email 4-20-16

I do not live in the Village of Richland nor do I live anywhere near the state of Michigan, although my upbringing, childhood and family will always be there.  From multiple sources including my own experience, I cannot begin to express my disappointment with the “leaders” of Richland Village.  Village council members have openly bashed anyone that has differing views instead of trying to correct the problem and listening to the people, removing elected positions along the way to tighten their hold.  Richland PD have abused their power and resorted to harassment, trying to “clean up Richland”, a mess that was fabricated by them to justify their jobs.  Supporters of the Village do not want people to make an informed decision that best suits each individual, they instead want to harass and threaten community members to side with a broken system.  Does this seem like a community that anyone wants to live in?  Is this actually how you want your community run?  Is this what small town America has actually come to? 
The good people of Richland Village and Township have the ability to let their voice be heard on May 3.  This voice should be your own voice and not the voice of someone else.  This is your time to make a change for the better and truly protect the village and township that you all love and call home.  People avoid the beautiful town of Richland because of these issues, in turn affecting business.  Is this actually what you want the reputation of Richland to be? ~ Scott, Harris County Resident

Received via email 4-20-16

You may not know this.  But there is no fairness in their traffic ticket system in Richland.  I have family both in the village and the township. If you are pulled over and live "outside" the village, you'll get a ticket, no warning, even for a tail light being out that you didn't know about.  But if you live in the Village, they'll give you a McDonalds gift certificate for the trouble of stopping you, even for speeding.  I don't know of a single person living in the village that has ever gotten a traffic ticket, and it's a small village where everybody knows everything about everyone. The press needs to do an investigation on that, like they did before on the high taxes. ~ Tara, Richland Township Resident.

Received via facebook message 4-19-16

I know that at times the Richland police have shown that they are highly unprofessional.  Such as trying to issue speeding tickets, outside the village limits. Trespassing on my farm in July, claiming to be target practicing in my woods. DNR officer informed the village police officer and his buddy a state police officer,"we call this poaching".  This has always been the case in Richland village.  I have lived in the area all of my life.  And the reputation of these police officers, has never been good.  Even back in the day when there was only one!  Why is it that the Kalamazoo County Sheriff has told the village officers they cannot conduct police business outside the village.  Unless requested?  Perhaps due to their unprofessional actions. ~ Tom, Richland Township Resident

Received via web submission form 4-19-16

I am the very proud, yet somewhat over protective daughter of the Richland Village Clerk.  I am also a combat Veteran, I state this not to impress you, but to impress upon you, that I have a deep understanding of honor and duty.  My mother's diligence to honor and uphold her duties as the clerk by protecting the best interests of the residents of the village has been profoundly inspiring to all who have witnessed her many attempts to correct the council's repeated disregard for their own ordinances.  The dysfunction of the council has been going on for many years. This was never about over zealous police officers, it was always about money.  The Village tax payer's money, and the council being irresponsible with the village's finances.  I urge you to follow the money trail.  The "real reason" the Clerk was illegally fired was because she questioned / reported violations.  She was harassed as retaliation.  For anyone who is small minded enough to believe she somehow deserved to be fired just because she made some faces during one Village meeting is just plain foolish. My parents raised me to have the integrity to be honest, and the courage to stand up for what is right.  To be completely open and honest, I am not a Richland resident and do not have a vote in this situation. I am angry, frustrated and shocked by the Thug-like behavior.  Over the past couple years, I have witnessed all the abuse my parents bravely suffered by being verbally attacked, threatened, and ultimately my father was physically and violently attacked in his own backyard (likely as retaliation).  I may not have vote, but I do have a vested interest in putting a stop to all the nonsense in the Village.  Please help by voting Yes! ~ Stacie, former Richland Village Resident

Received via web submission form 4-19-16

The problem is would be YES voters have is fear of retribution for speaking out.  That alone should tell anyone that the Village is a mini police state and for that reason alone needs to go. NO voters on the other could be up for a commendation. Or one free get-out-of-jail pullover.  In short it's an unfair fight. ~ Paul, Richland Township Resident

Received via facebook comment 4-19-16

I just bought a house in the township. Based on my monthly budget, my lender informed me that I could afford about $30k more for a home in the township than in the village. If you want to sell a home in the village any time soon, keep in mind that those property taxes directly affect how much a potential buyer can afford to pay. ~ Clint, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-19-16

I was approached by associates of the council at my work and received intimidation for speaking at the meeting last week.  I'm so scared, they even talked to my co-workers about me being at the meeting.  What do I do?  I can't call the police here.  I heard someone else in town had this happen to them too.  What do we do?

[Webmaster note: This question was received by email. With the victim's approval, we have posted this comment without using their name] 

Received via email 4-18-16
I'm majoring in Communications at Western. This can't go without saying, the Brinkerhoff letter criticizing the media was shocking to read.  I'm going to write a paper on the physiological ramifications of what this type of communication does to readers.  Good example of what not to do. ~ Samantha, WMU, Communications Major and Kalamazoo County Resident 

Received via email, 4-18-16
The tail wags-the-dog in that place.  Avoidance.  I shop elsewhere.  That's all I can say about that. ~ PJS, Kalamazoo County Resident  

Received via web submission form 4-18-16

OMG. I cannot believe what I just read on facebook.  Really cannot believe someone actually put that in writing and then sent it to the press no less.  You must have a serious lack of diversity there. ~ Tameka, Oakland County Resident

Received via Facebook message 4-18-16

Oh no he did not.  But he did.  I just read the Brinkerhoff letter for myself.  He did.  He actually did. ~ Karen, Richland Township Resident

Receved via email 4-18-16
So ol' Brink couldn't contain himself yet again.  We have some good ol' boys to contend with driving through there.  That just shows you how they do things.  Not so pretty when you see it in writing. ~ Heather, Barry County Resident

Received via web submission form 4-18-16

I'm voting yes.  My household has three votes so yes, yes, yes! ~ Pam, Richland Township Resident

Received via web submission form 4-17-16

It really exposes a lack of good leadership to let it get people so upset they organize. What were they thinking?  ~ Ellen, Kalamazoo County Resident 

Received via web submission form 4-17-16

You guys all lie.  You just need to move if you don't like it here.  

[Webmaster note: Received under the false name of "Roger Rabbit"]

Received via email 4-17-16

At Wassailing, the husband of a councilwoman tried to downplay this as 4 or 5 disgruntled villagers when he told me and my husband to vote no. Guess he was wrong.  Maybe that's the problem, they're wrong about a lot of things and just don't listen. ~ Jill, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-17-16

What a rant by Mr. Birnkerhoff.  He privided quite the discussion in class.  We are learning so much in real time, no text book could ever deliver this experience. ~ Alex, WMU, Political Science Major and Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via email 4-16-16

That letter. I would have never believed it, but there it is in print.  If they are that arrogant, no wonder you're having so many problems there. ~ Cody, Calhoun County Resident

Received via email 4-16-16

I feel for the people who have to deal with that village.  Every time I drive through that place they have someone pulled over.  They hide behind signs and trees and buildings and at the bottom of hills.  Makes me go around half the time so I can keep my good driving record, but not as easy to go around right now with construction on 28th. ~ Nathan, Barry County Resident

Received via web submission form 4-16-16

There is a complete lack of transparency in Village government and its been a problem there for years!  I see it getting worse not better. ~ George, Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via web submission form 4-16-16

Have you ever wondered why no one is ever in our park in the middle of town?  Last fall I was taking photos for a class project and one of the cops drove up on me as I was walking (and he was driving the wrong way on that one way street when he did that) and asked me in a mean tone “why are you here?”  The only thing I could think of to say to him was “because I’m an Amercian and I’m free to walk around.”  He kept questioning me and I didn’t like the way he made me feel.  I don’t use the park any more either now. ~ Lauren, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-16-16

It's too bad it had to come down to this but people are frankly ready to vote and make all the high drama go away.  I think being one community will add to the pride we want here.  That has been missing for a long time due to some bad players who are big fish in a little pond. ~ Rick, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-15-16

I was at the meeting and saw some people claim your side was not being truthful.  I found this for you and thought you should know they say that about everyone, even the press.  So they really have lost their credibility with me.  Also, your opponents seemed to be driving others through fear-based assertions more than actual fact.  That exposes weakness in their position.  The opposing side to you hasn't been able to stand a critical examination by our class either.  I think you will win, the other side seems to be disillusioned and not right in the head about democracy or even reality.  Those are my thoughts on this. ~ Ashley, WMU Political Science Major and Kalamazoo County Resident 

Received via web submission form 4-15-16

I live in the Township and attended the combined Township/Village meeting.  Good start to the discussion, but we still need more facts.  One thing I don’t understand is this obsession the some people who live in the Village seem to have with ‘services’.  Are people actually saying we need to "Preserve the Village" because we need someone to pick up leaves?  Really?  As I understand it, residents rake their own yards, clean their own gutters, blow their own leaves from around their all this work to get their leaves to the curb, but are then too helpless to call someone to suck them up or haul them away?  Really?  And, they insist on paying a higher taxes to the Village to do this for them?  Seriously?  It would be one thing if the entire Village was a condo type community where entire yards were done for them.  But that's not the case.  You have already done all the hard work, now save your money and simply call someone for pennies on the dollar!  Even the most expensive contractor around charges less than you are paying now. Really.  Josh, Richland Township Resident.

Received via email 4-15-16
How many times can you tell your boss “I’ll make it right” and keep making the same mistakes over and over again?  As far as I'm concerned, the Village Council created their own problems and they are responsible for forcing it to a vote because they used up all their warnings.  You can't fix stupid! ~ Paul, Richland Township Resident   

Received via web submission form 4-15-16
At the Township and Village meeting last night, we heard a few village residents defend their Council's shenanigans because ‘these people are our neighbors."  Huh!  Where is it written that any elected council member gets a pass on their oath of office and ethics that costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, but the rest of us are responsible for consequences of immediate and harsh enforcement for accidentally driving 5 miles over the speed limit at 10:30pm. I'm furious.  Tim, Richland Township Resident

Received via email 4-15-16

The township has a broader base to extract quality leaders, I have every confidence that they can do just that - lead and care for the entire township, including the absorbed village.  I’m voting ‘YES’!!!! ~ Claire, Richland Township Resident.

Received via email 4-15-16
I was at the township and village meeting last night and got your website address there. Is it just me or is everyone else also seeing the total lack of concern the Village Council and prominent citizens have for their neighbors?  I haven’t lived in the area all that long, but it seems this strife has been going on for years to no avail.  We heard the township attorney say at least 15% of village voters had to sign petitions for this to become a ballot proposal.  That is not an insignificant number!  Or the result of a few disgruntled people! ~ Joseph, Richland Township Resident

Received via web submission from 4-15-16

Where was any effort to create a task force by the village?  To discover what their own issues are?  Conflict resolution is not that difficult with good leaders, in fact there are experts that can help the process if they aren't capable.  If the Village Council is really that arrogant, they deserve to be dissolved so taxpayers can stop funding for all the mistakes they make. ~ Ann, Richland Township Resident.

Received via email 4-14-16

Saw the Channel 3 story last night and not the quiet little town when you peal back the veil of silence.  Hope you succeed.  Looks like corruption comes from the top down there.  Politicians never cease to amaze me in their boldness of skating and breaking the same rules the rest of us have to follow. ~ Clyde, Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via Facebook 4-14-16, reposted with permission

The Village Police don't "protect and serve"...they "stalk and harass"...they will even follow you for SEVERAL miles out of their jurisdiction to try to find a "reason" to pull you over.  And the "unmarked" Tahoes put women at great risk for impersonators, even more so at night because you can't tell if its a real police vehicle pulling you over, i.e. part of their stalking strategy to "hide" and getcha...for driving "too carefully" or not stopping at a blinking red light "long enough" (even though you had to stop twice there - once behind the white line and once closer to the corner - because it's a blind corner, near Serafinos).  Yeah, you'll get a ticket for that!  Here's a side photo, it can be hard to tell its a police vehicle on a bright sunny day! ~ Julie, Barry County Resident

Received via web submission form 4-14-16

I know for a fact that the council has violated the open meetings act.  They meet outside of public meetings to orchestrate what they do in public meetings.  I'm just completely disgusted and this measure is long overdue in my personal opinion. ~ Richland Township Resident

[Webmaster note: This citizen asked us to not post their name due to past harassment they have experienced]

Received via email 4-14-16

I have attended a couple of the Council meetings and you really had to see it for yourself to believe what goes on there.  You'll witness elitists and separatists to the point of being totally dysfunctional in a very immature way.  It was almost hard to believe.  If anyone questioned anything, including illegal things that the Council or Police were doing, the ramifications in the form of extreme bully tactics were quite visible.  Keep this crowd away from your kids in the schools!  ~ Mary, Richland Township Resident  

Received via web submission form 4-13-16

Why?  It is fairly obvious to any objective and reasonable person to understand why village residents would be motivated to pursue eliminating an unnecessary layer of government.  Villagers are over-taxed, and over-policed.  Of the few services provided, leaf pick-up and sidewalk snow removal resulted in grossly damaged lawns due to unskilled laborers.  Leaving many villagers to say; thanks, but no thanks.  The much more intriguing question of motive would be; why would non-village residents (from Ross and Barry townships) attend village meetings?  I have witnessed several of these obviously rehearsed, interestingly passionate and overly emotional displays of support of the police department.  Why would the council allow these aggressive police-apologist crowd to also verbally attack and threaten their Village Clerk?  What motivates these non-residents attack a person they never met?  Why would these same police-apologists be so motivated to donate large sums of money to the police department of a village they do not reside?  Why? ~ Stacy, Village of Richland Resident

Received via email 4-12-16

This is so awesome!  I learned about your initiative in class today.  My dad lives in Richland.  I'm so geeked and want to help if you need help. ~ Bret, WMU Student, Kalamazoo County Resident 

Received via email 4-12-16

I just found out about your ballot proposal and I love that voters united to exercise your rights.  When elected officials ignore their constituents (which they do all-to-often today), WE THE PEOPLE can take back our government and stop the abuse of power and illegal actions.  So glad our forefathers knew what they were doing by putting it in Michigan's constitution to protect us from self-serving politicians.  And it's always interesting to see "who" feels threatened by the public vote too...they usually get very loud and desperately call everyone else a "liar, liar, pants on fire" when things start to see the light of day.  Fight the good fight and good luck!  I can't vote there but our class will be watching! ~ Kelly, WMU Political Science Major and Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via email 4-11-16

I'm so thankful for the villagers who circulated and signed the petition - my hat is off to you.  I know many were frightened to do so and the backlash received by my close friends who signed was predictable.  I say this in good humor, but just picture a scene from the 1800s of a village mob showing up at your door in the middle of the night holding torches - and you'll know how my friends told me they felt.  Thank you again brave villagers for allowing us to vote! ~ Robert, Richland Township Resident

[Webmaster note: Copies of the petitions turned in were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by those who oppose the YES vote]


Received via web submission form 4-11-16

Wow, facts seem to be a bit distorted in the Van Peenan article.  No village resident is looking for township taxes to go toward the minimal services the village administers.  They are simply asking to consolidate some and have the Township administer the rest.  No free lunch. Just responsible, accountable administration utilizing existing resources.  After all, the village homeowners are township residents and pay township taxes. ~  Randy, Kalamazoo County Resident

Received via email 4-11-16
Great website and looking forward to May 3rd.  It's about time for everyone to be treated fairly. ~ JR, Richland Township Resident

Received via web submission form 4-10-16

The Richland Village Council are criminal and good at one thing only and that is spending money.  The Village budget is 1/2 million dollars for 600 residents vs the Township budget of 1/4 million dollars spent for 7,000 residents.  They have bought and sold equipment and services without appropriate bids or citizen approval.  They were found guilty of illegal activity by "firing" our clerk, an elected official.  The Village treasurer has stated that if this frivolous spending continues, the Village will be bankrupt or taxes will need to increased within a very short time.  In addition, there is virtually no supervision or training of the police or DPW staff.  There are no police reports produced to let the residents know what is happening in the Village.  Residents are afraid that if they speak out, they will be harassed by the police or the Village Council.  It is quickly becoming a very difficult place to live.  If someone is adamant about keeping the Village, it is important to look for what they have to gain by the Village, like the person that lives in neither the Village or the Township, that has the sold contract for supplying trees to the Village.  The most disturbing incident was the assault on my neighbor and friend, Mike.  This man became president of our council immediately following the incident.  A possible partner in crime could be a former police that resigned immediately following the assault.  What a shameful Village Council.  Please Vote YES on May 3rd and help bring back responsible government. ~ Tatti, Richland Village Resident

Received via web submission form 4-10-16

I am glad to see the recall for Richland Village.  Over the years, I've witnessed an increase in traffic stops, ticketing, and license confiscation in Richland.  I know many people who drive around the Village of Richland to avoid the risk of being stopped and ticketed.  I don't blame the enforcement officers, because I know they have instructions from the Richland Village board to aggressively enforce traffic laws.  But there is a thin line between enforcement and harassment.  It's too bad we have to reclaim Richland, but the time has come because its truly out of control.  I'll be voting YES on May 3 to restore our Village reputation. ~ Bill, Richland Village Resident of 26 years

Received via web submission form 4-9-16

The founders of the village would roll over in their graves to see how much corruption, bullying, lying, intimidation and abuse of power goes on in today's village by the very people who took an oath to serve, protect and uphold the village ordinances.  It needs to stop!  I encourage you to exercise your power by voting YES on May 3rd. ~ Mike, Richland Village Resident

Received via email 4-4-16

Thank you to all the village and township residents who are working towards making the community a better place for everyone to live and work! ~ Julie, Barry County Resident   

Received via web submission form 4-2-16 

The total cost of both the Village and the Township can be money better spent on services that will benefit the park and other issues we need to maintain.  We also need to stop the harassment that everyone I know has had to experience over the past years.  Being a long-time resident and being pulled over as many times for warnings and phony tickets has to stop.  The cost to support this group of "mall police" is sad.  Money can be much better spent to work with County sheriff's who are much better trained and equipped to protect and serve this community of ONE square mile.  Glad this is coming to a vote.  Please vote YES to merge. ~ Peter, Richland Township Resident

Received via web submission form 4-1-16

At a recent Richland Village Board meeting, president Dave Greve and council member Virginia Gross were very adamant that we do not have a democracy.  Since Greve NEVER ran for office nor received one vote, yet was appointed President after serving less that a year, he may be right with Gross in stating we do not live in a democracy in the Village of Richland.  They also illegally removed an elected official from office and caused the Village to pay out nearly 70 THOUSAND DOLLARS in fees and damages.  Our hard earned dollars!  Try telling that to all the veterans and those currently serving to protect our freedoms!  Please vote yes to remove these anti-Americans from office.  From a proud Veteran and someone who treasures the American way of life that a Democracy provides us! ~ Susan, Richland Village Resident