Merge the Village of Richland and Richland Township...to reduce expensive/redundant layers of government, "double" taxation, and give Village residents the freedom of choice - to reduce costs for desired services.

To All Richland Village Residents:

Village of Richland residents deserve better community representation, much better, and the time for change is now!  For too long, a select few have ruled the Village in virtual isolation to the overall financial and emotional expense of both Village and Township residents.  The actual cost to the Village residents: 30 plus percent more in taxes than the surrounding Township residents!

One would think there could not be much drama in representing only 650+ registered voters.  Yet this Village Council continues to create contempt and controversy for everything from excessive spending on capital purchases, equipment/resource management, and Village service contract awards to violating the integrity and responsibilities of their elected officials.  The recent Court case against the Village Council for illegally removing their publicly elected Village Clerk from office is only one of many costly examples.  These and other activities continue to be an embarrassment for not only the Village but the entire Township as well.

The RIchland Village Council is an expensive, unnecessary, and frivolous form of community government.  A better and more efficient alternative is Village/Township integration.  The result would allow the Richland Board of Trustees and its appointed committees to assume control over both the Village and the Township as a united entity and end the current inefficient, two tiered system. 

Change this significant might appear drastic and perhaps even scary; after all, there has almost always been a Village of Richland.  Village residents will be concerned about losing their valued services and perceived self direction; Township residents will be concerned there may be additional budget responsibilities that could result in increased millage requests.  Everything needs to be openly discussed and solutions defined to maintain services and minimize any anticipated or feared losses.

Township government is one of the most efficient and responsible forms of state government and we are all very fortunate to have so many qualified and talented individuals currently serving.  Working together, we can solve any integration issue and restore pride to all of Richland, our proud rural community.  Richland Village is THE focal point for the entire Township and Township residents want to be involved and contribute.

Village issues are Township issues; Township issues are Village issues!



In the coming weeks, we will be discussing all aspects of the impending consolidation, including additional grievances towards the Village Council, expanded reasons and justification for Village/Township integration, as well as possible solutions for critical issues and concerns.  We look forward to proving why Reclaim Richland is best for our united community.  We are in this together!

The Committee to Reclaim Richland Village

Letter to Richland VILLAge REsidents