Merge the Village of Richland and Richland reduce expensive/redundant layers of government, "double" taxation, and give Village residents the freedom of choice - to reduce costs for desired services.

Reclaim Richland FAQs

By Disincorpotation:

* Unify the Village and Township into a single entity

* Restore Community pride to the entire Township with Richland Village as the focal point

Why Reclaim Richland:

* Eliminate duplicate and unnecessary layers of government services and expenses 

* Lower taxes for Village property owners and allow more freedom of choice

* Improve services to all Village residents through the free-enterprise system

* Improve public image and end the isolationism that prevails

* Provide equal treatment and justice to all citizens

Why Disincorporation is THE solution:

* The current two-tiered government system is not working and too costly for a 650+ voting community existing within one square mile

* The Richland Village Council does not deliberate in the best interests of Village residents and businesses in all matters

* Only two council members can be recalled in the immediate future, not enough for significant change

* With the present overspending for purchases, employees, attorney fees, and poor decisions...when will the money run out?


What will change if Richland Village is Disincorporated?

* Richland Village Council will be dissolved

* Richland Township Board of Trustees will assume responsibility for the entire Township, including the Village

* Current Richland Village taxes will be significantly reduced

* Richland Township will continue to maintain the Township Green Park (formally called the Village Park), the Library, and assume responsibility for all streetlights and current ordinances and codes

* Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Department will provide 24/7 public safety services, traffic enforcement, and criminal investigations

* Richland Village Police eliminated

Richland Village Council has made and continues to make poor and sometimes illegal decisions:

* From documents presented by auditing firm (29 March 2014):

  1. Three police Tahoes purchased - but only two approved
  2. Kubota sold without approval or bids
  3. Drug forfeiture bank account opened by an employee without Village Treasurer or Council knowledge
  4. Services performed outside the Village by village employees who did not have official contracts(s) - i.e. WMU
  5. Illegal removal of our Elected Village Clerk

* Improper Council review of specifications for East D Avenue construction

* Misrepresentation of laws: EPA, ADA, OMA, and CDL License requirements

Richland Village Council broke ordinances and MCL state statues:

* Elected Village Clerk illegally removed from office from February, 2015 to October, 2015

* Open Meeting violations

* Village Clerk reinstated by Judge Lipsey via preliminary injunction, allowing her to continue her elected duties without illegal council interference

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