Merge the Village of Richland and Richland Township...to reduce expensive/redundant layers of government, "double" taxation, and give Village residents the freedom of choice - to reduce costs for desired services.


What does 'disincorporation' REALLY mean for the Village?

The opposition would lead you to believe that if the Village of Richland was disincorporated, we would lose a way of life that has been around since the Village was incorporated in 1871.  But that is exactly what we are trying to do: end this frivolous and outdated system as we know it, consolidate our resources, and become more efficient.

The opposition also portrays that they want you all to "be a part of the solution."  We also agree, but the solution is not to continue with a redundant, antiquated form of expensive government when a perfectly capable, qualified alternative exists.  To be a part of any solution, the Village Council and their select privileged inner circle need to be willing to listen to community input, both Village and Township.  The fact that they are not willing to do so and have not been willing to do so for many years is exactly why we are having this discussion.  We can solve our problems, but NOT with the existing Village Council structure.

Finally, the opposition questions the impact on the Township absorbing the overwhelming governance of 650+ voters that presently live in the Village.  A significant burden to be sure!  Village residents currently pay more than 30 percent extra in taxes over what Township residents pay, an incredibly excessive premium for police "protection," snow plowing, leaf pickup, and a few other things: more than 6.5 times what residents in other villages of similar size pay.  Is this the "way of life" we need to preserve?  Anyone living in a Township neighborhood knows that it does not cost an additional 30 percent in taxes to have their streets plowed, their leaves hauled, and have assurances of reasonable police patrol.

Richland Village is THE focal point for the entire Township.  Your neighbors are not going to abandon you.  In fact, they are sitting on the sidelines waiting for the opportunity to jump in and help make the entire Township a better place.

We are in this together!  End the manipulation and contempt.  It's time for responsible government that is representative of the people, for all residents!

Please vote YES to disincorporate the Village on May 3rd!