Merge the Village of Richland and Richland Township...to reduce expensive/redundant layers of government, "double" taxation, and give Village residents the freedom of choice - to reduce costs for desired services.

VOTE  "YES"  May 3rd, 2016 -- YOUR VOTE MATTERS

Village Issues are Township Issues, Township issues are village issues


Ballot Language

Protect  All  Citizens  and  provide  equal  justice  for  all

​Shall incorporation of the Village of Richland be vacated?

(  ) YES

(  ) No

Q:  Why is your vote important on Tuesday, May 3rd?
A:  A TWO-THIRDS SUPER-MAJORITY vote is required to pass this ballot measure. Which means 2 YES votes are required for every 1 No vote.

TOWNSHIP residents are unfairly targeted with a traffic ticket quota to generate revenue for the Village and receive almost ALL 1700 tickets issued per year. In contrast, Village residents receive a verbal warning and a GIFT CERTIFICATE to McDonalds.

VILLAGE residents pay an unnecessary 30 percent MORE in taxes than their township counterparts - and over 50 percent of the annual budget goes to duplicate services. It is a waste of our hard-earned tax dollars!